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Piazza de Spagna

I spent the days following new year in Rome.  Here is a panorama of Piazza de Spagna that I made using Hugin (a piece of free software for Linux and Windows).

Piazza de Spagna

There are some areas where I have no image, and the occasional person without legs, or a missing back of the head.  These just add to the charm of the picture in my opinion 🙂

Actually, doing this panorama gave me an idea.  It can be really annoying when you are visiting somewhere where there are some tourists and it is really hard to get a good picture without anybody in the frame.  It would be really nice to simply be able to take 2 photos when the tourists are in different positions and have some software automatically remove them from the scene (replacing them with the background from the alternate photo and vice versa).  This would probably not work very well in a scene as crowded as this one however.