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Security Conference 2009 Protests

Some photos from the growing crowd protesting the Munich security conference.  The pictures were taken from Marienplatz (where the town hall is). The birds eye view pictures were taken from the upper floors of a bookshop in the square. I had been chatting away to a pair who were also enjoying the same vantage point. I mentioned that I had asked myself whether or not it would be a good idea to go taking pictures of all the police and vehicles and what ever else. One of them asked me “why?”, and I answered that “you never know”. He seemed irritated at my apparent mistrust of the police. I don’t mistrust the police (at least not in Germany), but you can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As I walked away my girlfriend pointed out that they both had hidden walkie-talkies and were actually under cover police officers. I went to the next floor up to get some more photos and noticed another man standing taking a picture with his mobile phone. After a few seconds of me pointing and clicking (and chatting) I heard his hidden radio (turned down to not attract undue attention). There were two more men on the top floor idly chatting with a bag at their feet and huddled against the window blocking the view. I received a strange look as I approached them as if their fellow officers had radioed up for them to look out for a suspiciously chatty Englishman.