A picture of me

A picture of me

Welcome to my home page/Wordpress blog.  My name is James Blewitt and I originally come from England, but I now live and work in the southern German city of Munich.  I have been interested in computers and travelling since I was very young. Some of my travel experiences include a solo camping expedition to the Amazon rainforest where I learnt to build jungle cabanas and fish for piranhas, a month long trip to China with nothing more than a tiny (45 litre) rucksack, a 4 month stint in central America learning Spanish and numerous smaller trips in Europe.  In some ways I consider moving to Germany itself a form of travelling, only I’m not actually moving very much, Im still a stranger in a strange land.

I work as a Senior Software Architect in a small software firm near the city centre, which brings me to my second interest: computers.  My parents bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum when I was a child and I started programming with those small rubber keys.  Ever since then, I have been interested in building applications and the implications of computers on society (especially the free software movement).

I hope that you enjoy my blog.  Please come back again.