Ok, I should really get around to dealing with the “real” issues with this page, like the dodgy layout with the blog side controls. I’ll get around to it as soon as I can. I don’t hear any compaining voices anyway. In the mean time Ive added a new banner to the blog. Im still trying to decide if I like it of not. Personally I think its too dark, but it’ll do as a placeholder until I can fix my layout 🙂

Ive added the free software page and taken the Brazil photos from my old site.
Well, Ive had no time whatsoever to work on Jetpac, which is a pitty because I really put a lot of work into the new engine. Ive have been enjoying the Munich summer though and spending plenty of time in the beer gardens and eating Bavarian food. The Word Cup is finished and a whole lot of time has suddenly been freed up.

Ive also been meaning to learn a little bit of Ruby for quite some time. I’d seen some of my colleages working on Ruby projects like the Kneipomat from Sebastian, and was quite inspired to try something for myself. Anyway, I stumbled upon this great site that lets you learn the basics and get familiar with the syntax via a nifty little web page. You type in commands and it interprets them and shows you the results on the fly.

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