I’m back baby

WordPress died on me a little over one year ago (I think, I actually lost track of the downtime).  I just procrastinated fixing it because I was busy at home and work and well… lets face it, I don’t exactly have a religious following of readers to worry about.

After taking a much needed three week holiday, I come home to find that not only have my plants died from lack of water, but my email has also passed on.  It seems that lack of payment for the hosting will cause hosting services to cease.  This fact did not suprise me terribly, afterall, who wants to host for free?  What did suprise me was that it only took them 2 weeks from the first email of notice to having my account suspended.  I was mildly annoyed that I may have lost some emails, and decided that while I was working on domain problems, I should spend some time fixing the old blog.

Well, here it is folks, the exact same posts as before in all new, “default theme” colours 🙂  Enjoy….

God I love it when I lose hours of work to the ether.  It feels like the time and energy has somehow been absorbed by a hungry beast and that, the beast being fed, will leave me to continue life for another year.

One Response to “I’m back baby”

  1. Dave says:

    Wow, I like that way of thinking about it… a beast that needs to be fed. It kind of makes you feel like those digital deletions of your life have some sort of greater meaning…