Ilha Grande

img_24571With towering jungle covered mountains and picturesque beaches, Ihla Grande was our stop number two.  It takes several hours to reach the island by bus and then by ferry (or catamaran for the impatient).  On the island there are many species of birds and monkeys, but not a single car or motorbike.

We arrived in Mangaratiba, tired and hungry, on the docks to catch the ferry to Abraão (one of the settlements on the island), only to find that the ferry was running a Sunday service and that we’d missed the last one.

Somewhat disheartened, we played bus roulette in attempt to reach a different town that also had boats to the island.  Eventually we arrived even more tired and hungry than before, but we thankfully managed to get tickets for the catamaran.

The port of Angra dos Reis where we finally managed to get a boat to the island.

The port of Angra dos Reis where we finally managed to get a boat to the island.

We arrived in Abraão and found a hotel.  The prices were again much higher than we had expected despite it being the low season.  The next morning we hiked across the island to Lopez Mendez (one of the worlds most beautiful beaches).


The path to Lopez Mendez has been one of the highlights of our trip.

The hike through the jungle takes between two and a half to three hours depending on fitness and is well worth the effort.  We heard howler monkeys and saw lots of birds and interesting plants along the way.  If it is too much hard work you can always take a boat back (like we did).

Lopez Mendez beach

Lopez Mendez beach

The sand on Lopez Mendez is a fine white powder that whistles under your feet.  The water is clear and warm and the sun bakes from above.  We did a little snorkeling on the far end of the beach and built some sand castles 🙂

Despite having sun cream, after swimming and having it wash off, I experienced some of the worst sun burn of my life.  My feet looked somewhat how a German Hax’n looks fresh off the spit.  Speaking of delicious Hax’n, I should call it a day with the typing and go for dinner. Until next time!

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