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Hello, Ive decided to take a small break from hacking the CSS on my new site. As I write this the modified WordPress template Im trying to modify to look like the rest of my site is only partially supported. The front page looks reasonable, but click on anything and it looks horrible. Perhaps it would have been better to leave it as it was, as the default template looked rather nice. Nevermind, its past the point of no return now and I have the entire weekend to blow on this problem.

So, not only is it a new blog, its a whole new site. CSS this time, no dodgy HTML table hacks are used. I still need to move some photos to my page and make some project files available for download, and ofcourse sort out this can of worms that Ive opened by customising the WordPress template. Actually, its not that hard, Ive learn (finally) a little PHP and I used it to include the header and footer parts of the page from separate files. There is still so much to do and I really shouldn’t spend so much time infront of the computer.

Web page design is something Ive been interested in for a while and Ive always designed very simple pages.  Its a design philisophy that less is more and that the design should never hinder the main goal of the page, which is to communicate information.  Please visit the CSS Zen Garden if you’re interested in CSS design; it is an incredible source of inspiration.
Well, enjoy the site/blog, let me know what you think of the content/design. Bye for now.

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  1. jim says:

    This comment is a test.  Its needed so I can test my CSS code.  Normally I don’t make a habit of talking to myself.