I really shouldn’t be spending so much time in Internet cafes 🙂 I went for a walk for a few kilometres out of town this morning and saw a couple of large spiders. The bodies were perhaps 2.5 inches long and the length including legs around 6. I wasn’t able to get too close (hence the poor quality) to either because the first was on the edge of a dangerously steep slope and the second was too high up. In any case, its probably not such a good idea to get too close to a large unidentified spider 🙂

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  1. Hamza says:

    Ta mate, to be frank not been checking your space for a while … good to read your experiences out there … and cool pics must admit … would love to hear some more of your travels .. the food part especially … thats one thing I am fascinated to hear about from other people who have been there … in any case .. have fun and keep the posts coming