Well, I’ve been posting photos from my latest holiday to Rome, but I haven’t really said all that much about the experience.  Here goes nothing….

It isn’t the first time that I have been in this city.  My parents took my brother and me to Italy and Sicily when I was younger and I found the experience nothing short of fantastic.  Coming back here years later I find that I don’t remember all that much of the actual city.  I have clear memories of the Trevi fountain and the Colosseum and the Pantheon, but of street life, save for a few culinary experiences, very little.

This I was able to rectify by visiting many cafes and restaurants and enjoying exploring the streets with my girlfriend.  The pasta was very good, the lasagna was always excellent and the pizzas divine.  “Of course”, you might say, “this food comes from Italy”, but I had heard that many people had been disappointed because the food had not met with their (very) high expectations.  For me, the food had surpassed expectations and I even had a few surprises.  The Italians, it seems, also know how to do a good beer.  I tried a type of beer that I never even knew existed: birra rossa.Birra Rossa

One other thing worth mentioning is that I did not see a single Starbucks in Rome.  Coffee seems to be taken very seriously in Italy and the American coffee culture does not seem work in this country.  Does anybody have any theories?

Whenever I visit a place, no matter where, I always imagine what it would be like to live there.  Before coming to Rome, I had done some small research into life in Rome so that I could better understand the lifestyle.  I had read and thoroughly enjoyed the following article entitled “When in Rome, plan to go home”.  Although I was not in the city long enough to verify any of the claims, I feel that I am too acclimatised to Germany, where everything more or less just works to move to a country which is described as “unbridled anarchy”.

Trevi FountainOne more panorama. This one didn’t come out so well as I had hoped, but it isn’t too bad.  I hope that you have enjoyed my photos and my posts.  Take care.

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