Free Money Management Tool


I am releasing for free a Windows application called TerMate developed while I was at Renaissance Laboratories Ltd. The company has since closed shop, but I have the rights to distribute this application in its place. The program is a personal money management tool designed to help people budget correctly and track their expenses.

Principally designed for students, it caters for term/semester based budgeting, but works equally well if we want to plan our expenditures over a fixed time period (e.g. over a month, or a year). For a full list of features, go to the TerMate page.

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Lets hope that somebody somewhere will find it useful 🙂

One Response to “Free Money Management Tool”

  1. john polo says:


    kind of stumbled on this version of your ‘blog. i tried emailing a couple of time, don’t know if they got through though. hope you’re well and will write back

    john polo