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Health and safety at work

This is a photo I took in Bejing a few years ago and have been meaning to upload it for ages.  The picture is of a couple of guys repairing a telephone line (or some sort of overhead cable).  The work was undertaken in the face of oncoming traffic.


Street work in Bejing


Introducing JTestConnect


A couple of months ago I finished the first version of JTestConnect. It is a tool for supporting development teams with their unit test strategies.

You can annotate your interfaces/classes with annotations describing how the object should be tested. The tool then sits in the build process and can interrupt a build if test classes/methods are missing.

Ideally, this would be added to a Continuous Integration build system to enforce test coverage of important classes.

A more detailed description of what it does can be found on the project home page.


Detecting HTML5 Features in Javascript

How can you detect if your browser supports HTML5 features in javascript?  Here’s how:

function isHTML5CanvasSupported() {
    return (typeof HTMLCanvasElement != 'undefined');

function isHTML5VideoSupported() {
    return (typeof HTMLVideoElement != 'undefined');

function isHTMLClientSideDBSupported() {
    return (window.openDatabase);

Have fun!