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I really shouldn’t be spending so much time in Internet cafes πŸ™‚ I went for a walk for a few kilometres out of town this morning and saw a couple of large spiders. The bodies were perhaps 2.5 inches long and the length including legs around 6. I wasn’t able to get too close (hence the poor quality) to either because the first was on the edge of a dangerously steep slope and the second was too high up. In any case, its probably not such a good idea to get too close to a large unidentified spider πŸ™‚


More HK photos

I forgot to post the Hong Kong pictures thatΓ‚ I took from Victoria peak.Γ‚ The quality is not fantastic because I didn’t use a tripod, but you can get the general idea.Γ‚ Im going to sleep now because I slept on a coach last night.


Hong Kong by nightΓ‚ Hong Kong by day
Γ‚ Γ‚


Li River photos


First post from HK

Here is my first photo from Hong Kong. I’ll upload more as soon as I get time.

Hong Kong at night

*update(15/09/06): Hong Kong is now behind me. Im now sitting in a stuffy dark room in the boiling heat of Guangzhou. The traffic outside is pretty loud and Im pretty sure I could do with a shower right now. I remember hearing stories about people in China spending days or even weeks at a time playing games and escaping from reality in Internet cafes. The two guys next to me are playing Counter Strike, as are many of the other people here. I think probably more than half the people here are gaming. In Hong Kong I was stunned by the obsession with gadgets like mobile phones and hand held gaming devices. Amazingly, you can sit on the underground and chat away on the phone with no interruption of service at all, and of course everybody does.

Being a tourist in Hong Kong makes you stand out. I met eyes with a wiry haired traveller on the tube for a second. He was sitting quietly, wide eyed and looking thoughtful. Something about this state of “doing nothing” made him stand out much more than his appearance.

The city is beautiful, although quite polluted. The weather has been quite bad for me and luckily it did not spoil the wedding of my friends (although it was a close call). The bad air does not stop one from enjoying the spectacular view from Victoria peak. Alpha and Kristie took me there before it got dark and we watched the lightshow (performed every evening) from a restaurant overlooking the bay. The peak is not the best place to see the light show as it is aimed at observers on the Kowloon side of the city, but it certainly provides one of the best city views Ive ever seen.

Alpha and Kristie are off to Japan for their honeymoon, so we parted ways this morning. Now I am just killing a few hours before taking an 8 hour bus ride to Guilin. A sharply dressed businessman helped me find the Internet cafe after being suspiciously friendly to me. My paranoia is exhausting me, but it pays to be paranoid, especially of people claiming to be in the “precious stone” industry, eager to exchange contact details.

The next stop for me is the Li river. It is famous for its sharp, triangular mountains and spectacular scenery. Im hoping to upload some pictures in my next post.

One final note. This is the first country in the world I’ve been to where I’ve been so unable to communicate. I managed to order a lemon tea in Mandarin (feeling rather silly about it actually), but I accidentally ordered a family sized banquet for myself whilst trying to order a snack πŸ™‚ I will say bye bye now, and hope to receive some comments.

ps. The guy next to me just got nailed in Counter Strike……


Beehive Design Collective

Frog on bike

The beehive design collective is an organization creating amazing and unusual artwork to raise awareness on various political issues ranging from so called “Free Trade” to biotechnology (Mostly the themes are concerned with Latin American political issues). All of the artwork is first rate quality and several of the banners have so much detail and metaphors that it would take hours to “see” everything.