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Flash game

Its an incredibly simple idea, but dangerously addictive.Â


A Facelift

Why is it that as soon as you finish a web site design, you start to dislike it and think about ways to improve it? I finally cracked and found some time this evening to redesign it. There is still some way to go however, but I feel its a better and more modern design than the “orange” design.

I am going to Hong Kong in a few weeks to attend a wedding of a good friend of mine and I want to take lots of photos and post them to the blog. It was time to smarten the site up a lot.

As a little gimmick my bonsai tree grows its leaves early in the week and they turn yellow and eventually all fall down before sprouting again next week.  You’ll have to come back to see it in action.


Bloggers of war

Due to the dangerous situation in Iraq at present news corporations are increasingly turning to local bloggers as a source of information.  The following BBC documentary about reporting the war discusses the positive and negative aspects of this.  The danger to the western news reporters cannot be guaranteed, but the best protection they can be afforded is from the American and British armed forces.  This involves being an embedded journalist, which causes a loss to their independence of movement (clearly), but also to their journalistic ability.  You can watch “Iraq: The hidden story” here.  Its quite suprising how little information is actually coming out of Iraq from independent sources.